If you drive a car, you would have most probably had to deal with damage to your windshield at least once in your life. While this damage may be minor at times, like a scratch or a chip, it can also be quite devastating, like a crack. The good news though is that there are quite a few ways in which you can fix your windshield and with minor damage you might not even have to replace it at all.


If you hire a professional windshield company, they will most probably be able to repair any small scratches and chips in your windshield. In fact, some do such an amazing job that you won't even think the windshield was ever damaged. But, if the damage is major, you will most probably need to get the windshield replaced. Now, when you're looking for windshield replacement Spring, TX it is very important that you choose a glass company that has the required experience in the field. There are multiple safety factors which have to be adhered to & you will only get the required level of professionalism and expertise at a proper windshield company.


First of all, whenever you are getting your windshield replaced, it is essential that you only use OEM windshields. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and getting such products will help ensure that you get proper glass which has all the necessary safety features so that your new windshield is as secure as your last one. You need to understand that the glass used to make windshields is different from the glass used for the windows, etc. Windshields are created in a way that they can expand extremely high levels of impact without breaking. And even when it breaks there is a thin piece of plastic which is laminated between the safety glass that ensures the glass doesn't break apart.


The other glass in your car like your rear or side windows is made with tempered glass. Through the process of tempering, the glass is made stronger than normal pieces of glass. This glass is also heated and then quickly cooled. The outside of the glass cools faster as compared to the inside. This helps in making the glass both tensile as well as compressive. This is a result of the expansion of the inside surface of the glass. Even though you might not understand how exactly this works, the end result is a glass which shatters into multiple small pieces with dull edges. This is quite an important safety feature which is absolutely required when it comes to windshield replacement. Never put yourself at risk by getting a sub standard windshield.

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